Vladimir Kishlaly
Software Architect   Java/Scala Developer   Web Developer   Problems Solver

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Strong Good With Google With Google & coffee
Java SE Java EE Frameworks Testing Application servers Web Scripting DB Programmer's skills Developer's skills Benchmarks
OS Code control systems Development CI and Build Certificates Teamwork IDE

Russia, Saint Petersburg
    Tradable’s award winning platform helps brokers solve the needs of their most demanding clients. Born open, our APIs allow third-party developers to build and deploy all types of awesome trading applications which sit seamlessly within the Tradable platform. Traders can discover and install new trading apps from the tradable appstore with the click of a button to fully customize their trading experience. The result is a constantly evolving platform where traders and brokers alike benefit from all the great and innovative features being developed by the Tradable developer community.

Extreme highload system, serving tens of millions quotes per second, hundreds orders while 99% uptime.

Ukraine, Simferopol
Simferopol was in Ukraine those years,
now it is Russia
Norwegian AirShuttle Search&Price Module
Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, commercially branded "Norwegian", is a public low-cost airline noted on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The company is best low-cost airline in Europe. It has a route portfolio that stretches across Europe into North Africa and the Middle East, as well as Thailand and the US. With competitive prices and customer friendly solutions and service, the company has experienced significant growth in recent years.
EJB 3.1, JMX, JMS, Hibernate, Spring (context), Jboss AS7, Jboss Infispan, JBoss HornetQ, Google Guice, Maven, git, Struts, JSP, JSTL, Javascript, Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Amaji Healthcare
Integrated platform of applications derived from open source technologies to meet the needs of a healthcare market segment. Contains Tolven (http://tolven.org) as system back-end which provides data storage, security and workflow services . OpenOffice Writer is front-end component and gives ability easly to write and modify documents using it's power formatting and templating features.
OpenLDAP, EJB3, Servlet, JSP, JSF, Ant, JAXB, Hibernate, JDBC (sometimes), Orbeon XForms, Tolven API

Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University, 2002—2008
Master's degree, Mathematics

TNU occupies 39th place among the 200 best higher schools of Ukraine in the rating of UNESCO "TOP-200 Ukraine", and 14th place in the rating of higher schools of Ukraine, made according to data of Scopus data base, evidently leaving behind other higher schools of Crimea.

  Wife :)     Family remains the highest priority
Simple Amazon Search

Designed and developed from scratch, this project aimed for Amazon affiliate program. Main technology is PHP with help of jQuery, html/css, simple LRU-cache and understanding of Amazon web services.
Site Cost Calculator

Responsibility: Lead developer, DB architect
PHP-based, SEO-oriented system for analyzing and calculating websites approximate value using public statistics: domain info, hosting features, website inner details, etc.
Also available Flex addon, Firefox extension and Chrome extension

Technologies involved: PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Firefox extenstions, Chrome extensions
What Is Your Name

Responsibility: Lead developer, DB architect
Simple (knee-coding style), just-for-fun social project based on counting and analysis the names of all the inhabitants of our planet.
Technologies involved: classic bunch PHP + HTML + CSS + jQuery, MySQL